Cobra Golf AMP Cell Driver

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25 Responses to “Cobra Golf AMP Cell Driver”

  • 6464jaffa:

    Tried the silver Cobra amp cell driver 10.5 degrees with a motore f1 stiff
    65 shaft at Bishopbriggs golf range yesterday and really liked it. I
    normally use a Callaway RAZR xtreme 10.5 Aldila trinity stiff 64 shaft and
    love it. Bigger head in Cobra did increase ease of hitting it but love the
    draw shape I can control with the callaway. Problem is I now want both!!!! 

  • Connor Skyler:

    Actually if u look in to it and pictures of the red and orange the orange
    has a silver bottom like this one ^^^^^. The red has a black sole so it’s
    just the camera he’s not dumb

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Cobra AMP cell driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Cobra AMP CELL driver review with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru

  • Mark Crossfield:

    More golf equipment reviews from AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield.

  • Budgybottom:

    what specs are you looking for exactly? more than whats on the site?

  • infsq:

    he made one already..

  • Steven Sica:

    Mark, what do you say at the beginning of all your videos? Sounds like
    “Let’s get stuck in.” Is that right? Just curious!

  • Cory Randall:

    I have the cobra amp driver. 8.5 degree, and the shaft is extremely
    flexible for a stiff as well. When I swing harder the ball kind of balloons
    up in the air. Might look at new nike covert tour.

  • Insane3Drc:

    Hi mark great vid. could you do some reviews on the new callaway drivers

  • Julio Rosario:

    Mark can you test some “budget” drivers? Drivers of seemingly low quality
    from discount stores, such as Walmart – Kmart and compare with higher
    priced drivers? Is there truly a difference in feel, distance, etc for the
    average player? Thanks.

  • Ray M:

    Great vid mark. I don’t care for the colors but a lot of people do. Love
    the matte black from Ping! G25vsCovert? Two clubs you love.

  • thesaunders8:

    I didn’t like the feel, and the shaft was floppy compared to the Covert.
    The face didn’t give me as much feedback as the Nike.

  • David Eaton:

    Great vid mark whats the white box on the floor behind you?

  • Calum Blackmore:

    …are you serious?

  • Jeff Corkill:

    I hit this club on fitting range in Australia. (it had a House of forged
    Patriot Stiff shaft in it) The impact felt very very smooth as against my
    Taylormade burner which has an Adilia NV 65 Stiff shaft. I love my club but
    Cobra was so smooth I wanted to buy it right then But maybe not with stock
    shaft? A lot of the std shafts on all Brands are so soft I need to upgrade
    because the flex and torque is terrible on most (especially TM) What are
    the stock shafts specs? I cant find any info

  • tigerbalm:

    I tested the Pro 7.5 deg today. I liked it, although I was drawing the ball
    more than my Ping i15. The head still looks bigger than what I hoped for a
    440 cc. My old Adams Redline 430 cc is tiny vs the Amp pro. I wanted an
    adjustable loft driver and the colors are awesome! I happen to like Puma
    golf clothes (better fit) and designs and think Nike and Adidas are crap
    sold to fat Americans. The Pro is the sharpest looking driver. I have the
    4-5 hybrid in blue. Can you test the hybrids?

  • numnutz78:

    as much i think this guys reviews are as comprehensive as any, i really wis
    he would just hit the damn ball when he comes to address the ball. i couted
    7 times he addressed the ball and backed off efore actually hitting the
    damn thing. JUST HIT THE DAMN BALL!!!!

  • Zach Harney:

    Too loud, even in the pro version.

  • Ali Dhanani:

    I watched a video with a rep from Cobra and they said the reason why they
    are able to offer color options is because they aren’t making as many
    different clubs due to the adjustable neck. Unless custom ordered, the only
    difference is shaft. I think it’s absolutely brilliant! Can I pick my color
    with any other adjustable driver? No, with the exception of Callaway. Cobra
    and Callaway are tuned-in to those who want a little more personality in
    their clubs.

  • Les Haffenden:

    Just picked mine up, big difference in my ball flight and straighter drives
    thanks to its draw bias, recommended peeps

  • theMANxGOLFER:

    The head performs very well given the right shaft. This might be a way for
    all the kids with lower swing speeds to say they were fit into a stiff
    flex. I thought in one of your previous videos shaft flex was all about
    feel. Now you are saying the shaft changes tragetory. Maybe some credit for
    the “shaft-oids” is needed. It would be interesting to see launch
    characterists between an aftermarket fujikura fuel vs the “made for” cobra
    version. Lack of product availability will prevent this test IMO.

  • Jerry Jonas:

    Whats your swing speed at? I have the stiff flex 8.5 as well with a 110-115
    swing speed, ball travels perfect for me carrying 270s with a total of
    300+. I have noticed when I have my weight a little too far back in my
    stance the ball skys up like crazy, so I feel you there, never had that
    with my other drivers.

  • max mezrow:

    Cobra make a junior version for $299

  • spud dups:

    Mark ,is it possible for you to do a vid on beginners clubs ,in other words
    whats the right clubs for someone who wants to get into the game,instead of
    all the club manufacters saying there club is more forgiving than this or
    that manufacter,i dont trust any of them,as they are only after my hard
    earned,i know that most beginners buy secondhand off ebay,but whats the
    best to start off with,thanks.