Choosing The Best Golf Club Driver Why is choosing the best golf club driver so important? Well, if you’d like to hit 350+ yard drives, then you need to kn…
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On this edition of the Golf Exchange 101 we spotlight the brand new Adams Speedline Super S Driver!

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  • golftipvideos:

    @DustinJohnsonFan9 Really difficult question to answer without being able
    to see/study what you’re doing. But I’d say first look at your mechanics.
    Videotape yourself. Watch it back and see if you can spot anything you’re
    doing that can be improved. And have someone who’s opinion you trust also
    watch and offer any suggestions. Start there. And don’t just videotape
    yourself swinging a club a couple of times. Videotape yourself over a good
    deal of time. Let me know how it goes.

  • golftipvideos:

    Thanks for asking. I know we have some new stuff coming soon, so stay
    tuned. And don’t forget to Subscribe so you know exactly when we add new
    videos. And thanks for watching!


    Got this guy who claims he can swing a golf club 160 mph, I’m going to tip
    an old shaft (xxxx-stiff) so pretty much the entire par. tip and let him
    swing away with it. It’s going to be a hoot! Thanks for the info.

  • Sleytownmafia:

    can u do more vids on equiptment please

  • golftipvideos:

    @jamez566 Bottom line is, whatever works best for you, and what you are
    most comfortable with, is what you should use. You are already ahead of the
    game (no pun intended) because you know what kind of driver you like.
    THanks for checking out our videos!

  • zaqmkp457:

    I’m a BIG fan of Nyle Pruitt. The guys knows his stuff. I never gave much
    thought to choosing the right golf club driver before, but it probably
    explains why my drives don’t go where they should. Can’t wait to see more
    of your golf tips!

  • golftipvideos:

    What are you trying to accomplish?


    got a question op, what kind of club head speed do you need to generate in
    order to swing a XX?

  • jamez566:

    i like small heads better than the new big headed drivers

  • golftipvideos:

    So how did you do??

  • Sleytownmafia:

    1 step ahedof ya buddy lol ill be redy to c them u look live a very
    interesting channle

  • unicornsarelegit:

    i recently bought the r9 driver and was wondering if it was the right club
    for me. im a junior and not a very long hitter, any tips?

  • AbundantFun444:

    LOL…Funny, I got an answer, Stiff ranges from 90-115mph, x-stiff ranges
    from 110-130, xx-stiff ranges from 125-140, and xxx-stiff ranges from 140
    and up… I know this reply is late but hope this helps.


    Hopefully, a legitimate answer to my question.

  • DustinJohnsonFan9:

    i’m currently launching the ball to high with a 10.5. Should I change the
    shaft to a high kick point, or get a new driver in a 9.5 with a fit shaft?

  • jackdalby94:

    1 my very first compition yesterday wooh

  • David Schultz:

    ust baby!

  • golftipvideos:

    Thanks! We love the game!

  • paulthepill:

    fuck me..i could pole-vault with that shaft he has in his left hand..