Charles Barkley golf swing montage

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50 Responses to “Charles Barkley golf swing montage”

  • Davide Beretta:

    This reminds me of Chuck Hayes free throws

  • Gordontrek:

    Crazeh knucklehead-a turble!

  • Henry Rogano:

    why does he do that? does anyone know?

  • Nick Pagano:

    I don’t understand, does he have some sort of psychological tick when it
    comes to his swing, because when he’s practicing, his swing is fluid.

  • orglr:

    Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Charles Barkley’s golf swing.

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  • mike hunt:

    Who cares what his swing is like he was a boss on the court.

  • X3n0nFr33k:


  • Joel Mclaughlin:

    lol too funny

  • Yo James:

    Chuck Hayes free throw shooting is like Barkley’s golf swing

  • Obey Triix:


  • Christopher Sardinha:

    “Goddamn it.” LMAO

  • jimisvoodoochild:

    he just takes it all in good spirit when people die laughing at him

  • shortstop20 .:

    I can’t help but think that at some point Charles got some idea that he
    needed to “hold the lag” and compress his body into the ground and he took
    it to an extreme.

    Remember that swing on the Haney project where he for once actually lifted
    his head instead of dropping it down and he topped the ball? The swing
    itself had no hitch. That’s what he should try on every swing until he gets
    rid of the serious head drooping. 

  • MakaveliWiklund:

    pump fake

  • RyGuYsUpErSpY:

    I have like a 15 handicap, but after watching this I feel like I belong on
    the PGA Tour.

  • Marc Hauge:

    Charles Barkley has an INTENSE golf swing

  • Kevin Mabry:

    TOO FUNNY… Charles Barkley doin the STANKY LEG when he swings hi golf
    club :))))))

  • Zack Mellette:

    #Classic #SirCharles
    Charles Barkley golf swing montage!

  • James Bacon:

    Charles Barkley, the famous US Basketball player turns 50 today – he is
    also very well known for his ‘unique’ golf swing as well 😉

    Charles Barkley golf swing montage

  • Alakazzam09:

    Dear Charles,

    You’re supposed to say FORE!
    Not Godammit!

    Thank you,

  • Jeremiah N:

    Charles Barkley’s golf swing is the funniest damn thing I’ve seen all week. #turrible #twt

  • Jeff Weng:

    this reminds me of chuck hayes’s free throws

  • tommywm24:

    1:05….something about the camera going off before he even takes his swing
    cracks me up.

  • blackmanwhitesuit:

    looking like Chuck Hayes shooting free throws…

  • ubb4me:

    1:24 this guy deserves to be hit. Lucky it wasn’t his kid.

  • Trevor Crouch:

    im having a lesson tomorrow for the distance problem you have explained on
    your video. Only having played from this summer i find i don’t have enough
    control yet at the faster swing club head speeds hopefully this will help
    with the lesson tomorrow 

  • Mark Crossfield:

    The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Distance Form The Ball and Hitting Long Irons
    with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark helps more golfers
    improve their golf game with some great lessons and tips. Todays drills
    talk about distance from the ball and how to stand and set up to your golf
    shots, as well as weight shift on the downswing. Todays question of the
    week talks about long irons and how to get the most distance out of your
    long clubs. Play better golf with Mark Crossfield.

  • Ben Kelly:

    Cleveland golf club reviews please Mark!!!! They are producing some great
    clubs at the moment!

  • nzrodgersmg:

    Anyone sent in a follow up video after having their shot analysed? Would be
    kinda cool to see if some of them have made some improvements!


    have you guys any drills for me to stop my leaning forward move in the
    downswing. and turn my hips more into the ball? Mark i would really know a
    drill from you. hope i get one. greetings from germany

  • lethomadness:

    do you loose distance if you swing to fast for a reg shaft ? spose you
    would they just balloon

  • tennisguy96:

    how much should u bend ur knees?

  • Reese Murray:

    i dont even use a 4 or 5 iron hit as i hit my 6 and 7 so well, any one have
    this problem?

  • darren ward:

    great video as normal, i have a similar issue which means i rarely hit more
    than a 7 iron off the fairway and have very little height from a 10.5 deg

  • Riley Schmitz:

    Mark, I love your videos, you have helped me a ton with my swing and moved
    my handicap from a 20 to an 8 in one year!! Cheers!! -Riley

  • CossittRules:

    could put the ball futher up in ur stance so that u hit up and get more air
    time for further distance. I’m 14 year old 🙂

  • duncstable:

    great weekly fix this week mark. really helpful. happy 600. would also love
    to see the mp fli hi reviewed compared to mp53 3/4 irons. keep ’em coming

  • MDGolfaddict:

    Simple fault this but can cause so many bad shots. Good vid again Mark

  • David Schultz:

    strong kid in the first swing. he will be very long if he sticks with the

  • Zachry Hamilton:

    Then go to the range and figure it out!


    nice video mark. i have a question. i don’t rotate my hips enough and lean
    forward in my downswing so i push the ball to the right. is there any drill
    to fix my lean forward and rotate more?

  • David Schultz:

    the guy with the long iron problem might be hitting down too much

  • Roper1979:

    Good video as always (hoping to see my video appear soon). I was wondering
    if you cold help me with the distance from the ball and subsequent balance
    issues. I find that on some swing I loose balance just afa

  • Björn Sundberg:

    Hello Mark! Pls review my rusty winter swing. Happy New Years from snowy
    Stockholm! Any tips about it? Its on channel Sunkan11 and the name of the
    swing is Golf swing

  • Mark Crossfield:

    great idea and I will get some up soon. Thanks for watching

  • poolie2762:

    Mark i love your videos keep up the good work…cheers from Canada

  • Chris Ball:

    Mark. Im a mid handicapper. play mp53’s PX5.0. However only playing a
    couple of years so last year I bought wedges through to 5 iron. I know the
    basics about how woods/hydrids & long irons differ in ball flight etc. What
    I cant find much info on is how the long irons differ between an MP53,
    JPX800, MP fli hi or hydrid alternatives. I like hitting my irons but would
    like to know in terms of how easy to hit a MP fli hi or JPX iron would be
    vs a hybrid?

  • mrrandalyou:

    I think it is worth mentioning that this is a question for distance on
    irons, which require hitting down a compressing the ball. Which is harder
    with longer(less lofted) irons to accomplish, which is also likely a factor
    in poor distance range in the iron set. It is not simply a matter of club
    head speed, but also a matter of loading, lag hitting down and striking the
    ball well.

  • tsriley86:

    that glove goes from pocket to on in 4 seconds, congratulatons

  • mzaalam:

    OMG that’s brilliant – the bucket of water falling on the head… classic!