Care for your Grip – Golfing Tips with Rob Bernard “C.O.G”

Learn why it is important to look after your grips.

World No.1 and 2010 Ryder Cup star Lee Westwood gives a great instructional tip on the importance of working out the correct yardage before hitting any golf …
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11 Responses to “Care for your Grip – Golfing Tips with Rob Bernard “C.O.G””

  • millzinc3:

    I’m gonna buy his book

  • millzinc3:

    Thanks Rob I’m still working out the Driver tip but I’m gonna try and have
    the club just how you have it in the video …..instead of having my hands
    back I create a lot of power and I’m scared to use it that’s gotta change

  • millzinc3:

    This guy has great tips windex I never thought of that

  • zubiq:

    Nice video rob, Im gonna go clean my grips now Waiting on our rematch Bear

  • juddjeremy1252:

    that’s called compensation-golf. if you have patience, these guys’ tips
    will make you better, much better in the end.

  • millzinc3:

    Buy the way used the Windex tip and clubs feel better than a new grip its a
    money saver for sure…..also talked to a pro caddie and he said pros have
    been using this tip forever

  • Rob Bernard:

    Hey Millzinc3, Thanks for the kind words. If you go to my site I have the
    DVD set on for You Tube subscribers for $50.00 and I pay the shipping. You
    save $22.95 and you get the whole story. use discount code “tee it up” and
    choose FREE SHIPPING. You will love it and with my money back guarantee,
    you have nothing to lose but strokes!

  • robbiegarcia1231:

    I tried doing this on the range before I played today and it worked really
    well because I figured out the wind and got a feel for how far I could hit
    the ball with a smooth swing as opposed to a fast one

  • Toby Clowes:

    Lee I’m looking for some advice on how to win a major or how to hole puts
    from 15 feet for birdie or how to not blow a lead or how to perform under
    pressure in a high quality field. Can you help?

  • charliekinggolf:

    thanks for this video… it helps!

  • Robert Dore:

    You’re not the messia….you’re a very naughty boy… Only say something
    like this when you’re standing next to him at the Open with a chance to