Callaway Warbird x Golf Bag Review

Callaway Warbird x Golf Bag Review

I am the happy owner of a Callaway Warbird x Bag.  I have considered for quite a time the idea of purchasing a new golf bag as my old one has simply seen better days.

Let’s face it in these modern days we are spoiled for choice when it comes to the choice of golf bags available.  I had however made my mind up that I wanted a Callaway bag and just needed to decide which one to select.

 The Callaway range includes the RAZR, Country Club, Warbird x, Aqua and Aplha ranges. They are all extremely well designed golf bags and they have a simple and easy to use stand mechanism.

The bags are very light in weight at just over 2 kilos.  The standard features include an umbrella loop, hand towel ring, pen holder and a glove holder.

The shoulder strap is double padded as is the padded hip pad.  That means you can take the bag with you and be comfortable when walking around the course. A lot of my golfing partners use the Callaway Warbird x golf bag and that was what first led me to the consideration of buying one.

 It is available in black, white and navy and all of the Callaway warbird golf bags have as standard the famous Callaway logo. All of my friends who use this bag speak very highly of it and would be reluctant to change to a different golf bag

 Sad as this may sound I like my clothing to match my golf bag or vice versa. The easiest way to ensure this happens is to select a fairly neutral coloured bag such as the black or the white.

In my golfing career I have used many bags and my single complaint will all of them is that they had poor stand mechanisms.

I find that very frustrating especially on a windy day or when on a course with a lot of hills. The stand on the Callaway bag is very stable and very simple to use.

 A fantastic feature of the Callaway bag is the dividers located inside the bag. Depending on which model you eventually select you will find that having a separate divider for each club makes your round of golf and club selection a very simple thing to do. No more searching or rumbling around your bag trying to find a club.

The bags all come with a standard set of zipped pockets including a full zipped pocket that can hold your wet gear or golfing jacket, a dry pocket, insulated pocket and a valuable’s pocket. Clearly these are all very useful and convenient when you’re out and about on the course. In addition to this the pocket that holds your golf balls is large and easy to access another important element from me during a round of golf.

I am Enda McLarnon and have been an amateur golfer for many years.  For more useful information have a look at my Callaway Warbird website where you will find some great articles including a detailed article on Callaway Warbird Set.  I hope you find these articles informative and of value.

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