Bubba Watson Golf Swing Secret

Discover Bubba Watson’s Golf Swing Secret That Allows Him To Hit The Golf Ball So Far.
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Online Golf Instruction: Best Drill Ever to Create Golf Swing Lag

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12 Responses to “Bubba Watson Golf Swing Secret”

  • Mike Boatright:

    That’s just bubba watson he is tall long and flexible and shorter strong
    players cant do that. His hip this is just an illusion he is just swinging
    and it just happens based on his body type.

  • Howie Karasick:

    Good stuff clay…..easy to the point…very very helpful

    Keep whats his name on ski slopes YOU DO THE GOLF PART

  • Larry McCraw:

    Mickelson has a ton of lag and a roll over of the forearms release. Great
    if he can time it right, if not he will be in the woods a lot this week.
    Kuchar will contend and just may win, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy,
    hated to see him lose to a couple of lucky shots Sunday.

  • Mark Kitching:

    So is that an R11 or G25 under that TM headcover Clay? 🙂 Another great
    lag video, thanks.

  • MrWattsy84:

    Richard I think I’m in the same boat as you, do you feel you force the club
    into these positions or let you body cause the club to fall into these
    positions? I believe the weight shift to the left from start of downswing
    with soft arms/wrists and grip allows the club to fall into the correct
    position, it’s starting to work for me now but I still cast a little just
    before impact.

  • Richard Juchniewicz:

    Hi Clay, im cast and its heavily ingrained into my swing, trying to work on
    building lag, etc. I tend to cast quite early, i wouldnt say i throw the
    club, its more like the angle of lag is lost smoothly from the start of the
    downswing. I think im guilty of over rotating my upper body and unwind the
    shoulder too early. Thinking “extend right arm” is a dangerous thought
    being a caster, at what point are you starting to extend the right arm ?
    how low are the hands before you start ? also, the initial “baseball” swing
    down into the slot, just before you start extending, what is this movement
    driven by ? is this all created from the hip bump and the body pulling the
    upper down ? its not driven by hip rotating right ? as im thinking this
    would cause shoulders to unwind ? is this downward start of the swing an
    active movement you feel in your upper body ? like dropping your right
    elbow into the side of your torso ?

    What i can feel with this drill that is distinctly different from what i
    feel im actually doing in my swing is the feeling that my right shoulder
    has to stop rotating or slow down at least or my arms swing around and to
    the left of my chest. Sounds obvious to me then that my shoulders are
    unwinding too early in the downswing ? and if im right, the video on the
    ‘right shoulder’s role in downswing’ is an important one for me ?

  • Troy Thom:

    Im wondering how you get such great sound quality? What microphone or
    device do you use?

  • Jeff Hall:

    You have suggested that the right shoulder slows down or even stops for a
    brief moment on the down swing, and by doing this it allows the arms to
    release the club faster.
    This is an Illusion.
    What really happens is the shoulders continue rotating, you can clearly see
    in Tiger Woods swing that the left shoulder never stops nor does it slow
    down, it rotates around a center point, the right shoulder assumes that
    center point for a very short time at some point just before impact thereby
    fooling the eye in believing that the shoulder is slowing down.

    Jeff Hall

  • RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction:

    I would focus a lot on lag and release of the club. This will be crucial if
    you want to get down to a scratch golfer and get some great club head
    speed. Good luck Joe Clarkson. ~Clay Ballard

  • tomi Last:

    If you haven’t got your wrist cocked at the top of your wrist you cannot
    lag your club, period. 

  • Chuck Quinton: