Bragging the Bag: Golf Bag App

Bragging the Bag: Golf Bag App

Golf has probably evolved into one of the most popular and sought after sports of people. What used to be a sport for the rich and famous is now within reach of all classes and social status. You might be wondering how as equipment and proper golf attire costs a hefty amount of money. Why, virtually of course! In cyberspace no one is rich or poor. Everyone is on the same ground. Cyberspace bridges the gap of all social status creating a more unified world for all of us. Golf Bag App on Facebook is one of those applications you can play with that allows the user to create his very own, personalized golf bag. offers more than 3000 golf items to choose from and is also the mastermind behind Golf Bag App. The application allows users to create their very own “what’s in my bag” golf edition showcasing different golf bags, accessories and other essential golf items which different users can share and be able to interact and share thoughts about different golf items. It also allows current users to invite their friends to join the community and share the fun. This app is the first of its kind on Facebook.

According to the director of e-commerce of golf discount, this app was created to have a new and creative way for their customers to interact socially with other customers. With the wide variety of bags, accessories, and essentials to choose from, they have virtually all of the things you can ever think of and more. This is one fun and interactive app on Facebook avid users can enjoy. The company also added a feature wherein users can view what is inside their favorite PGA professional’s golf bag. You can get ideas on which items are the best in golf from your favorite players. The plan of the company is to relay to users bag information of over 50 tournament players and celebrities who loves to golf listed within the app.

Today, this app has more than 9000 avid users and the company predicts to have more than 20,000 users by 2012. By then, all 20,000 users can virtually interact with each other and be able to share and exchange opinions regarding golf essentials. Additional feature target for release is the “10 most popular bag items” to have users be enlightened on which are essentially needed for playing golf or a tournament. There will also be special deals offered to users of this app when they buy anything from golf discount.

Golf discount has been serving golf enthusiasts since 1977 and has never failed to satisfy all of their customers by giving consistent customer service and reliable, high-quality equipment. They sell brand new, authorized, and branded equipment, clothing and golf accessories. With this company, you are sure to get nothing but the best in golf equipment and accessories.

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