Best Golf Driving Ranges?

Question by Lauren: Best Golf Driving Ranges?
I want to open my own golf driving range, and wanted to know what people looked for in ranges. What are some of the best driving range aspects you have ever experienced?

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Answer by Alby
A Golf Range MUST have:

A Pro Shop

A Mini Golf (Putt Putt) Range for Kids/Adults

A Practice Putting Green

Lots of Range Locations. Nothing sucks more than going to a range
and every slot is full.

Multiple Ball Machines around the Range.

A Golf Lesson Area staffed by “Pros”.

Most Important: An area where you can practice real swings in the rough.

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5 Responses to “Best Golf Driving Ranges?”

  • grantadvocacy:

    all I want in a golf range are good balls and a nice grass hitting range…and a good sized large bucket that is filled above the top. oh and it sells sport drinks.

  • cwhiatt:

    I go to this one by my house that has a large putting green with varying degrees and undulations so you can practice uphill, downhill, left to right and right to left breaks.

    It also has another large green with varying lengths of grass and two bunkers so you can practice chips and getting out of the bunker.

    Obviously you’ll want to have ball machines, a snack bar and all of those sorts of things. However, this particular range also has an electric machine with a wash basin so you can clean your clubs after hitting (a very cool perk indeed).

    As for the “Range” itself, it’s about 300 yards and they have this satellite looking dishes right down the center (every 50 yards). What They also have flags out there every 25 yards or so.

    One thing I’d like to see is for a range to have yardage markers like on a football field so to speak (running across the entire driving range from left to right). These markers could even be different colors depending the yardage (red for every 50, blue for every 100, etc.)

  • John F:

    Hit from grass, not mats.

    Hit to a level landing area with accurate distance markers. The ones where I live are all built on a slope, so I can’t tell how far I’m really hitting each club.

    Practice sand traps and a separate chipping area.

  • ixnaytim:

    distances from each hitting zone to targets.
    Distance changes from forward grass hitting areas(Signs +10 or -10)
    full short game area. Putting, chipping, and sand play. Also deep rough as well as tight areas to chip and pitch from.
    Snack Bar
    Water fountain (KEY)
    Restroom, portable or not
    Mats with good tees.

  • P. W:

    I agree with all the answers that you have received thus far. Since you are going into business you should think bigger. Get enough land to expand for future. You want to build the all sports complex. You need room for batting cages for all ages, a go kart track, and anything else that you think people will flock to for one stop fun. Even if at first they don’t seem compatible the people will cross from one event to another to stay entertained. Good luck.