Best drivers of 2013

All golfers can agree that longer and straighter off the tee can only help your scores – but what driver can help you do that? This year’s selection is bigge…
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25 Responses to “Best drivers of 2013”

  • Nicho2177:

    Because rich people keep buying them year after year

  • zak shingler:

    Nike covert all the way

  • Jonbek:

    Why do idiots keep falling for this bullshit. I play off 2 and could hit
    the ball as far in 1999 as I can today. It is all about the shaft.

  • steve miller:

    If you have a good golf swing you can hit any thing .

  • zhammmy:

    99 out of 100 golfers(you and me)are going the wrong way. They keep on
    buying new drivers that promote “forgiveness” and more distance off the
    tee, while ignoring become a better ball striker.(obtaining a better
    swing). I can hit a 30 year old, 43-inch total club length, and of course,
    steel shafted persimmon wood 250 yards while retaining my accuracy, can
    you? Drive for show, putt for dough, to be accurate from 100 yards in is
    better than spraying your ball 50 yard off-target from the tee.

  • Eric Pe:

    It’s 2013…and is still popping out 360p videos?? come on man

  • Dtyler171:

    Cobra…what if I need lower than 8.5 degree? You let me down. =P

  • jdkinney88:

    Amp cell pro adjusts from 7.5 to 10.5

  • iiShAn3ii:

    this is why craiglist and ebay was invented 🙂

  • Trev D:

    “Taylormade R1, the longest driver we’ve made until we release the next one
    in 6 months”

  • Antony Paulson:

    forget these drivers, go and learn how to use a 3 wood, 250 yards, and some
    wedges, nobody needs a driver,

  • Oni Link:

    Its 2013 and you have no HD wtf?

  • Winterstick549:

    I won a Taylor made Burner Super fast in a raffle. I love my five doller

  • pierre-jacques Hulew:

    You would think this is a article that actually test the drivers.Not a
    promo to buy a new driver? Terrible it was a commercial

  • John Doe Doe:

    Whats with all of the colors? What happened to black?

  • titleistbitch:

    10 lessons for 250 pounds? that’s cheap I pay $100 (New Zealand ) for a one
    hour lesson. think I mite move to the uk.

  • danny williams:

    It’s cringy listening to all these PR guys trying to explain why their
    driver’s revolutionary.

  • Martin Ogilvie:

    it’s the ball dummy, what modern driver do best isnt distance, its
    forgiveness, u can hit all around the face for much better results than 30
    years ago

  • Alex Powell:

    $350 bucks when new $60 on E-Bay 9 months later…

  • Dot Matrix:

    Will get me one, just of to rob a bank. Unaffordable.

  • Jake Kriney:

    You would think this is a article that actually test the drivers. Not a
    promo to buy a new driver??? Terrible, it was a commercial

  • GalaxyTrigger82:

    do you ever think the golf companies reuse old technology but slap on a
    different paint job?

  • 18tangles:

    I just bought a Jack Nichlaus 11/2 wood at our local tip for $2 I hit it
    straight down the hi diddle diddle. 240/245 YDS. Low trajectory great run.

  • 18tangles:

    I just watched Bob Goalby hitting an old wood wood ,290/290/310 yds at the
    Philidelphia golf Club in 1962. We are being conned the lot of us

  • wooowallllright:

    covert tour=bliss