(Best Driver Video) Drive the Ball without Slicing

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38 Responses to “(Best Driver Video) Drive the Ball without Slicing”

  • cocoabiscuits:

    My first time golfing today and I used this technique and it worked for me! Ball went up and straight. Thank you!

  • Rob Bernard:

    Thanks Dave: It’s all in a system called Center of Gravity Golf, you’ll love it!

  • davelucs1:

    the best Driver instruction out there! i applied the tips this weeks and my driving has been transformed! great work!

  • davelucs1:

    hands down the best Driver instruction out there! i applied the tips this weeks and my driving has been transformed! great work!

  • Rob Bernard:

    Thanks Flush! The entire system is awesome…glad this helped

  • Rob Bernard:

    Awesome Kate…Keep me posted!

  • Feelin Flush:

    This is hands down the best instructional video for driver set up and ball striking position. I applied these principles at the range and my drive is more consistent now. Very natural feel.

  • Kate Anderson:

    Im so gonna try this..I use to hit the ball straight and long…now…im drawing…pulling…slicing….NOTHING IS IN THE FAIRWAY ANYMORE! and its FRUSTRATING!…Im gonna try this next time I golf!…See if I can save MY season!

  • Rob Bernard:

    Hi Julian: This is for driver only, Irons go right on your center of gravity, fairway woods 1″ forward…check out my system at centerofgravitygolf.ca!


    quick question, the “center of gravity” tips for driver, do they apply for your irons to, as I thought it was always, hit down on the ball with your irons.??


  • goldenkris10:

    Unreal, all year was hitting the driver in the middle of my stance great and then one day boom, pop up shots/pulls and everything else horrible that can happen. I was desperate to get my driver back for my last few games before the end of the year or else it would haunt me all winter long. Boom, found your video Rob and its back to right down the middle again, season saved. Thanks a lot man

  • 698janicetace412:

    Nice vid. Thanks!

  • Clinton van Zyl:

    Awesome advice! My push, and many others’, is a shot that peels left to right. I’ve played to an almost +handicap in my time and always struggled with the driver. I can’t wait to take this advice to the range, hopefully tomorrow and see how things pan out. Thanks bud!

  • Rob Bernard:

    That’s wicked Alex! The entire learning system is explained the same way…sign up and get yours!

  • Rob Bernard:

    It can only get better now that you know how to do it!

  • Rob Bernard:

    Wicked, good for you!

  • TJ Smith:

    I watched this video last Friday. Went to the course on Saturday morning..without even practicing at the range I hit every fairway and only had one drive with a slight fade…but still in the fairway. This video lesson is legit. I want to play again soon just to make sure this isn’t a dream!

  • Alex Ancheta:

    Rob, of all the lessons I’ve watched on YouTube, yours was, by far THE BEST way to hit a ball straight and true the first time. I am a beginner and just recently bought a nice, classic Callaway Big Bertha Warbird driver. Yes, talk about old school. I’ve never hit a driver before and when I had my beginners lessons I was using a 7-iron the whole time. So using your techniques, I swung at that ball and I hit the ball over 229 yards. And it was straight and true! This was my FIRST ever attempt!

  • steerpike50:

    very very good lesson,

  • Deacon Toby Gaines:

    Watched video since I live on a farm went out grabbed some balls and everyone straight as an arrow, would like a similar 3 wood technique. TG Pittsburgh PA.

  • Sam Edmondson:


    After watching your video during lunch yesterday, I went out and played 9 holes after work. When warming up, I practiced the set up tips you demonstrated. All but 2 practice drives went straight! Went out on the course and hit 6 out of 7 fairways…sweet! This has been one of the best training videos I have ever viewed. Keep up the good work and THANKS for getting my drives back on track!

  • Rob Bernard:

    Awesome news…Ill keep you posted on the release of my new system…

  • jspigs2010:

    sir, i followed all steps in your video and immediately saw an improvement in my driver. I think the biggest thing that helped was my setup position (ball placement, spine lean and driver placement). along with that, i developed a routine which calms my nerves and puts me in the same exact position every time. Thank you for your help!

  • Toriano Taylor:

    This is truly great advice and I am thankful for having watched. After scoring in the 100’s for the last year I have broken a hundred the last three outing. Thank you!

  • Rob Bernard:

    @irishtomahawk: Great news! glad to hear you are excited again…be sure to have a look at the “new” system by signing up to the newsletter on my site, we’ll turn that 93 into an 83! Talk soon

  • lll Hypure lll:

    I’m 17 and just figured out yesterday on the range how to get extra distance with the driver and have been hitting balls 250+ yards now. So if you test your swing, grip pressure, ball positioning, and stance with practice you will be amazed that you were missing out on an extra 50 to 60 yards on your driver! Before this discovery yesterday I was averaging 190-200 yard hits because of my right slice/fade from my club face opening… So yeah lol.

  • nuckster94:

    Should add a tip on ball position

  • National University Golf Academy:

    You’re very welcome, forgottenxghost.

  • forgottenxghost:

    Thank you for the advice!

  • National University Golf Academy:

    If you just need some more club head speed, find a qualified physical fitness program to work on stability, flexibility, strength and speed.

  • National University Golf Academy:

    Hello PopSikuL. I don’t think there is an average drive for young players. I know some 16 year olds that drive it 300 yards and some very good 16 year olds that drive the ball 240. The idea is to make some goals and then a plan to reach those goals. If you want to drive the ball further, analyze your game and if your swing mechanics have some power leaks, find an instructor to work with to improve your swing.

  • BossHarris:

    I am 16 years old just wondering how far the average drive would be for my age?

  • National University Golf Academy:

    Hello peejay3. Great question. The instructor in the video, Grant Halverson, does play a cut…so the ball probably started a bit left and cut back to the center. And thank you for the kind words as well.

  • Phil Hurrle:

    Good presentation. Did your ball go a little left? Wondering…

  • National University Golf Academy:

    Thank you for the kind words @Seth.

  • Seth Pech:

    wow really good advice!!

  • National University Golf Academy:

    Let us know how it turned out for you @cigerweed and thank you for the kind words.

  • kay nyne:

    great tip ” hear the sound past the ball”

    i’ll try that!