Beginner Golf lessons?

Question by Peter: Beginner Golf lessons?
How many hours of golf lessons should I take to make an high school golf team? Btw I’m a complete beginner

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Answer by Spartawo…
Peter, any beginner should not ask how many hours because golf is a continuous learning process. If your instructor feels you are ready to join any school team golf then that is the time to join. Always remember that golf is always san individual sport and learning the basics is not the same to everyone wanting to play. Take the lessons by all means then see how you are doing in say, three months.

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  • Elson:

    Do you have to take golf lessons? Of course not. Can you pick up golf and improve on your own? Of course, and that is the route that many golfers take.

    But beginners should always look into lessons. You’ll simply pick up the game much more quickly. Golf is not easy to master, and if you want to get good at it, you’ll show improvement much more quickly if you are taught the correct way to play from the get-go.
    It’s hard to predict how many lessons will take you to get in the same level as the other players on your team, don’t be surprised if it takes you a few months to get a good grasp of how the game work.
    The most important part of the beginning is to start it right and to practice what you learned.
    Good luck, and golf is a game to make friends, brings families together, inspire and entertain.
    Have fun

  • Nick:

    Let’s just say that it will be a while. It took me about 3 years to be decent without lessons.

  • J:

    it differs from person to person, lessons until you are confident.

  • B.S.:

    It’s not necessarily about the hours you spend taking lessons. It’s more about your ability to maximize what you get out of each lesson. That means you need to break down your golf game into its relevant components and each time you go to your pro, you choose one or two to focus on. Make him or her explain the concepts in detail until you fully understand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Then, before you leave, create a practice plan with your teacher to maximize your practice time between lessons. You should probably wait at least 2 weeks between lessons unless you’re practicing every day. Of course, a month also works if you have the right focus in between. Make sure you select the right instructor who will give you the time and energy you need. You need to agree with his teaching style and process or else you will waste your time and money. Good luck! – GolfStrat (

  • Richard:

    Acceptance onto the team involves many factors, including the level of the others trying out. Private lessons can be expensive, so I’d try to find some group classes, or even better, learn the basics from great info-video sites like and then go to a driving range and practice what you learn. The website I mentioned is a great resource with a lot of helpful information. It has helped out my game immensely!

    They even have a section dedicated specifically to beginners! here: