anyone worked as golf course equipment operator?

Question by thecrest: anyone worked as golf course equipment operator?
this job was listed in my newspaper. i think this job is a landscaping type of job. i’m considering it. however, some questions:
is the job stressful and how would you compare it to other
jobs you’ve had? anything about the job that you like or dislike?

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Answer by hanumaster
its less stressful than many jobs, but it just depends on what kind of place it is and who your boss is

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  • BevD:

    My son works for a major golf course in our town and the equipment he runs are mostly from mowers and weed eaters to redoing the “holes” on the tee. He’s also to make sure everything’s lined up on the tees as they try to make sure the grass is not runned down in too many areas. I know there’s some landscaping involved to keep up the beauty of the golf course. It’s a lot of hours in the hot sun if you’re up to that.
    Good luck!