Anyone have a better golf tips?

Question by amirul james: Anyone have a better golf tips?
i’m a complete beginner by the way and i hope someone could give some useful tips that i can follow. Any advice would be just fine. 🙂

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Answer by Mike Boatright
Relax your arms swing easy

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  • green_lantern66:

    Can’t stress the lessons enough. Having someone there ensuring you’re doing things properly, and being able to also help with stuff like course management, is a HUGE benefit to the beginner.

  • Bob R:

    I have enjoyed golf for over 43 years now and from my experience I would do the following: 1) Sign up for group lessons before going on the course…you will learn the proper grip, stance and most of all the proper etiquette while on the golf course; 2) Go to the driving range and practice what you have learned so that you don’t have to think about what the pro taught you, but it just becomes natural; 3) take short game lessons from a pro…that is the most important part of the game and where you can save lots of strokes; 4) Play as much as you can and learn each time you hit some good shots and bad shots!

    Most importantly, don’t think that you can hit the ball like Rory Mcllroy or Tiger Woods by playing once a week. Simply enjoy the fresh air, the companionship and the 19th hole which is always perfectly refreshing and where the best stories are told!! (O:

  • SomeKid:

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  • ryan m:

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  • brenda st:

    listen to mike green and bob
    learn a correct grip and stance then don’t change it ever and you will get better and better
    change them and you will just learn how to manage your mistakes

  • JEskow:

    Being a beginner golfer can be tough, if you don’t find the right advice.I have been a golf teacher for 15 years now.What i do with my beginner’s is i take them to the green.Why you say,First answer this question.What is the only club you use on every hole,That’s right it is the putter.So what i do is i take all my students right to the green and we start right there,With correct stance,grip and routine.So if you are looking for a place to start,Also head on over to my website for more great tip’s.

  • Free_Golf_Guide:

    If you are a complete beginner, then there are many guide out there (some free). I wrote a guide that you can learn from, it’s a good start and you’ll get good tips. The guide is called “Who Else is Ready to Golf?”

  • chrisguy:

    1: A nice local driving range
    2: Lots of free time
    3: Eagerness to hit LOTS and LOTS of balls at that range!
    4: A friend who is a long time golfer or a local club pro to give lessons/advice

    Thats a good start