Any tips in golf??????

Question by bobbydig21: Any tips in golf??????
I need putting advice, and driving advice. I slice it too much.

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Answer by beef jerky
Just wind that sucker up and hit it as hard as ya can!

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  • celianne:

    Put your head against a wall, keep it dead still and practise your putting stroke -only your arms should move. Never look at the ball while putting -listen for it to fall into the hole.That way you can always be sure of keeping your head dead still. Also always putt the ball 2 inches off centre.
    It has worked for me, but takes practice


    I’m a 16 handicap, so take it for what it’s worth. I have the same problems.

    Probably the most consistent part of my game is putting and sometimes I’m draining everything inside of 10 feet and it seems every putt has a chance to go in – that is a lot of fun. Bottom line for starters is to get the speed right.

    Another important thing I did early this year was that I custom fit my putter – cut shaft to length and put a new grip on it. Now it feels right everytime I hold it, which helps with constintency. Before, it was too long and the grip was crap and it felt like held it different everytime.

    As far as putting goes the most important thing is getting the speed right. You have to get it close to take away 3 putts or worse. To get the speed right, I read the green and find an intermediate target or area to putt to and then let the green take over from there to bring it close to the hole. I’ll say again how important it is to get the speed right. If you get the speed right, chances are you’ll be draining more just out of pure chance rather than making a perfect read. Also, when you have the speed right those 2nd putts are a heckuva lot easier and take a lot of stress off you.

    Driving advice is to not try to kill it. Swing smooth and easy, stay down on the ball and keep your lower body still. Picking out an intermediate target helps with driving too. Helps to have a line to square up to without having to look all the way to the target.

    For slice problems you can try strengthenng your grip and tweaking the ball position in your stance.

    Have fun.

  • Paul C:

    maube take shorter back swing get an offset club

  • Mike:

    Most answers will depend on your experience (amount of time golfing).
    Putting is just practice, the more you putt the better you will become.
    Slicing, wow, I have worked on this for 17 years, it can be very frustrating.
    The reason you slice (assuming you are right handed) is that your club-head is open (turned right) at impact and/or club-path is from the outside to inside (you are cutting across the ball). Two ideas.
    Easy fix:
    Go to the range, and try to draw (right to left) the ball as hard as you can. Swing at 110%, kill it! Hopefully you don’t hurt yourself. Do this 10 times, then tune it down to about 90% or to where you can control it.
    Technical fix:
    Try keeping you shoulders more square at impact, don’t race your upper body. Strengthen you grip (move you left hand on top of the club more). Release you hands, it is like throwing the club-head at the ball, only keep the back of you left hand at the target.

    Good luck!

  • Golflectual:

    Any tips in golf? Is there any crying in baseball?