Any golfing tips?

Question by idiot: Any golfing tips?
I wanna increase hoiw far I can drive the ball should I buy a special kind of club or something?

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Answer by wbaker777
I presume you already have a driver……Just practice …….the club speed will come.

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  • sailfido:

    Depending on your skill level, i would recommend
    taking several lessons to make sure your fundamentals are sound….then i would worry about hitting the ball further….


    For your birthday,Christmas,anniversary whatever ask for golf lessons. We can only change so much. Til it’s time for a professional. Find someone who will adjust your swing. Not change your swing. I guess what I’m trying to say is ” Fix you and your swing first. Then buy the clubs that make your swing shine.

  • mannyg2199:

    well its hard since we dont know your swing or your skill level.
    yes the new technology can help you hit the ball further but its really in your swing. people try to swing so hard that they miss the sweet spot of the club constantly

    a firm yet smooth swing can go 300 yards too.i suggest get yourself on video tape and get analysis by a certified professional.

    99%of the time its not the club, its the person swinging it. odds are you arent transfering your weight like you should be, or you are off balanced when you swing.