Anna Rawson Shows You How to Hit a Power Draw with a Driver-Sexiest Shots in Golf-Golf Digest

For Anna Rawson, there’s nothing sexier than hitting a power draw down the fairway. The model and professional golfer shows you how to nail it. Watch Golf Di…

Mark Evenson (PGA Teaching Professional, The Suburban Club ) will help you hit your driver further with one simple drill.

36 Responses to “Anna Rawson Shows You How to Hit a Power Draw with a Driver-Sexiest Shots in Golf-Golf Digest”

  • Coochicoo:

    Mark Crossfield is MUCH sexier.

  • Mike Field:

    well made video it is hard at the beginning to hit the draw butt she has it
    down in this video if you are looking on how to do it then check this video

  • neoalexy2k:

    this chick needs to hit the gym…too skinny for my liking

  • Grey Bimmer:

    She actually hit more of a pull than a draw, maybe a pull draw at best. 

  • foxtrot789:

    Look, she’s plenty gorgeous to attract enough attention to the video… can
    we stop with calling the golf shots being “sexy”, “orgasmic” or “so hot”.
    We get it, sex sells, but this just makes it stupid.

  • Ryan Trapasso:

    Golf Digest,

    You’re trying too hard. She’s gorgeous, but, please, stop with the sexual
    objectification and get back to the golf.

  • Lawrence J:

    Sew her mouth shut and all is OK

  • goldenglove25:

    im sorry but this was not sexy at all, them socks really you look more
    stupid than sexy stupid ass cunt….

  • bigmaxy07:

    what just happened

  • tigerbalm:

    Relying on a draw is the most dangerous type of shot that too often ends up
    in a duck hook! The power fade is the only true way of driving without
    the risk of hitting OB. If you practice, the distance gained with a draw
    is not worth the strokes you will add with errant shots. The fade is also
    the most accurate shot into greens, landing soft and predictable. For
    amateurs, you are wasting your time with the over-hyped “draw”… 

  • Thehubb1:

    Ya she’s not even that hot..

  • Matt Andersen:

    You don’t need to use a strong grip to hit a draw. A strong grip is only
    going to lead to pull hooks. I have been there and done and that and lost a
    few months out of the golf season hitting hooks. Its all in your set-up.
    Ball forward, close up the stance a little, aim right of target.

  • TeamLockDownMLG:

    I’m sorry what was this lesson about? I got lost after I heard orgasmic
    leave her mouth.. Off to pornhub with screen shots on the side of Anna
    Rawson and a video of me hitting draws on the course. No it’s not
    complicated, its BROSCIENCE. 

  • Dtyler171:

    I definitely want to hit that. 

  • Claus R. Povlsen:

    Like to play golf with Draw ?

  • ubb4me:

    Damn I love her accent. Close your eyes and you can hear it.

  • Hippy(Bboomer):

    Takeaway is the key, and top of the swing is the tough one for me. Balance
    and weight on r h side, full shoulder turn but hip only slightly turned,
    not twisted. The rest is easy. Legs lead the shot, hands just follow.
    Gorgeous babe she is!!

  • orthodox eric:

    this is slightly sleazy. 

  • Alex Mac:

    More Anna Rawson tutorials please!

  • Joe Siravo:

    way to hit it off the toe!

  • 1980WestSt:

    Why is she putting on that hopelessly fake (just roll a few ‘R’s now and
    then) American accent? Being Australian myself, her true accent sticks out
    like golf balls.

  • 2ndAveLine:

    This vid looks almost haphazard with all the quick edits but it’s actually
    more instructional than the other overly talky vids which show no shot and
    ball flight- this one does and yeah, I agree that it looks more like a
    pull-draw, but very controlled.

  • Joe Casale:

    Sorry…..I forgot everything she said after the first 20 seconds when she
    said “Orgasmic”….

  • Dan Stecker:

    Where is the club path when you are trying to hit a draw? Inside out?

  • Sean Lee:

    Anna, really? Strong grip for a draw? That’s not how PGA guys are doing
    it let alone Dustin. Look where your ball is starting in relation to where
    you are aiming. It’s starting LEFT because of shut face. Now, how much
    right are you telling people to aim, then? Please consult with Trackman
    people and re-make this video.

    And Golf Magazine, as if filling 120% of your issues with ads is not
    enough. Really?

  • justpar2012:

    If I am hinging my wrists too soon on the take back could this be causing
    me to lose distance with the driver?

  • AllenResGolf:

    The whip sound should be past the ball!

  • S. SH:

    Jamie Sadlowski is plenty strong. Don’t confuse muscle mass with strength
    and flexibility. You need to train your fast twitch muscle fibers.

  • John Kane:

    are you kidding me?????? yeah just swing harder than the swing before,
    that’ll solve everything…

  • Valley International Country Club:

    Golf Tip of the Day!

  • justjames1111:

    Is that an orange whip in your bag Mark? Regards James

  • Dean Mitchell:

    Do a lot of these with an old shaft with a grip and you’ll work those fast
    twitch muscles. Brilliant drill.

  • TheNYgolfer:

    swish sound prior to ball location = early release/clubhead throwaway swish
    sound past ball location= damn good player 🙂

  • John Rambo:

    Distance is 90% strength. That’s why the long drive guys are mostly big and
    tall guys. All these instructors keep saying “clubhead speed”. BS!! It’s
    TORQUE….which big guys have.

  • xZman881155x:

    I just did this and accidentally threw my club at my coach, busting his
    head open and slowly killing him

  • Zachery Smith:

    Jamie Sadlowski = 5’11” 167lbs…Long Drive Champion. Club Head speed