Adams Golf Speedline Super LS Driver

Alan Unruh, PGA Professional discusses the features and benefits of the Adams Speedline Super LS driver. To purchase the Adams Speedline Super LS driver, visit our product page: …
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Cobra Fly- Z+ Driver Review

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25 Responses to “Adams Golf Speedline Super LS Driver”

  • theMANxGOLFER:

    I’d love to see a driver shootout between the Nike Vapor Pro vs. Cobra
    Z-Fly+. If I had to pick a 3rd it would be the 915D3. In the comparison I’d
    like to see the LM numbers, but also impressions on the feel of each. These
    seem to be the best performing options of 2015. G30 LS Tec would be in
    there as well but I’m less interested in that driver due to the larger head
    shape from address.

  • WHUFCarl:

    Jonas Blixt is gonna be unhappy with ur final comment!

  • Paul Broadbent:

    I thought you were in America Rik,have they laid on a private jet to ferry
    you back and forth?

  • Bobby Desjardins:

    Hey Rick, great video has always. Unfortunately, most of us do NOT swing
    over 100 mph. What would your sidekick Rob do with the Cobra drivers?? Can
    you make that happen?

  • Mark Woods:

    Looking forward to trying one this spring! How was Orlando?

  • sandy nimick:

    Got cobra zl with project x black 6.0 will defo be looking to renew on the
    fly z+. Great vid Rick. 

  • KHLthe2nd:

    Slightly smaller head (455cc) versus 460cc for the Fly-Z according to the
    website. Not much difference I suppose.

  • danny worsdale golf:

    It looked like with the weight forward it was dipping a little bit? Not
    sure because it still got great numbers! Good review rick as always 

  • Sven Hallauer:

    Makes me want to test a Cobra club for the first time.


    I think it will suit you best with the weight back but the loft 1 or 2
    degrees down.

  • Bob Dilkes:

    First time I have watched your videos and was very impressed! I will deffo
    try out the Fly Z+, I use a Cobra ZL with motore f3 reg which goes great
    for me ( 63 and 5hcp). Cheers…

  • Tom Cooke:

    So without the HMT running does GC2 assume a smash factor of 1.45 to
    estimate clubhead speed from the ball speed?

  • Eric Davis:

    Hooks (and overcooked draws) are always going to spin less. You cannot
    accurately assess spin reduction/peak height/launch angle, when you turn
    the ball over with the weight forward vs pushing them straight/straight
    right with the weight in the tail. 

  • garry rake:

    May need to pick a colour and get it in the bag

  • maxxc4thewin:

    I got fitted for a 915 d3 with 7.75 loft in the rouge shaft, but before I
    buy this is a club that I may have to try..

  • Martin Ritchie:

    This and the ping g30 ls tec are the drivers I want to try this year

  • Rick Shiels PGA:

    Cobra Fly- Z+ Driver Review

    #FlipIt+RipIt @CobraGolf

  • carl stewart:

    I had the cobra zl encore that was a great club ! 

  • David Finn:

    Hi Rick, have watched the Titleist,callaway,Nike and TaylorMade reviews of
    all the 2015 driver and the Cobra fly+ for me seems the best adjustable and
    lowest spin, so have ordered one in orange,will be sorry to trade my amp
    cell x flex but spin too high . Thanks for the super reviews .

  • Jan-Pierre Vidizzon:

    Rick, great video. I’m looking forward to a driver shootout for 2015. Kind
    of like the old ones you did: alternating shot match-ups between two
    drivers where the winner goes forward to the next match. My money is on the
    Fly Z+ vs. G30 LSTec for the finalists.

  • Michael Unsworth:

    Hi Rick, on GC2, is “Horiz Path” equivalent to Club Path or Swing Direction
    with TM? Also, is a negative “Horiz Impact” a heel side hit? And + and –
    vertically? Like your AofA :-). Nice review as always, cheers, Michael

  • murrayculix:

    Come on. Youre recent vid with the old ping g30 and the new one also
    avraged over 300 yards.

  • Josh Noy:

    Great video Rick. I currently use the bio cell plus with x and it is
    amazing with low spin and get about 300 yards – can cobra top that driver
    with this ? Be a interesting comparison. 

  • ESikora12:

    Picked mine up yesterday. The stock shaft was fine, but got some better
    spin numbers when I put the new Fujikura Speeder Pro shaft in. The black
    comes in more of a matte finish and comes with a special edition headcover
    and all black grip for a pretty awesome look. The headcover is also a flat
    color with a kind of suede vs the shined leather and gold cobra logos
    inside the cover, real sharp. 

  • r smith:

    Hi Rick. Excellent videos. How did you feel about the performance of the
    Matrix VLCT SP stock shaft? I was surprised you didn’t go with the ST
    version of that shaft. Any reasons? Id be curious to see the numbers.