Abschlag Driver Technik Golf

In diesem Video erkläre ich die Ansprechposition sowie die Technik und kläre Missverständnisse auf.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

http://internetgolfprofessional.com/ Mark Crossfield the Internet Golf Professional talks about how to hit a golf driver. This is a video response to a youtu…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “Abschlag Driver Technik Golf”

  • Rob Atkinson:

    a very simple,but effective lesson..great stuff.

  • Charles gist:

    very good video i have golf camp over the summer and im 13 and what you
    teach is pretty good and it is almost the same thing my instructer is
    telling me i study hard on the game and i just love it great video!!!!

  • GamingLamaCast:

    how do u hot a out of a sandbox well

  • MrTiggerMoo:

    Nice vid Mark, I have a problem with my shoulders at impact with my driver
    and sometimes with my irons, as I come into impact I open my shoulders way
    way open through impact (getting stuck?) and my ball flight is a weak cut.
    Please help as it is driving me Mad

  • kyle9256:

    any chance of doing a review on that driver your hitting lol

  • TigerWoodsWorld:

    @MrMaxattacks21 its a driving range

  • Jason Davis:

    I can hit my irons PERFECT. and everyone tells me hat your telling me. But
    I just can’t seem to hit the driver far or straight. is a 42″ or 44″ shaft
    a good size for someone that 5’11”?

  • BombTechGolf:

    How do I get in touch with you? I am looking to have my golf driver

  • Nazz123ran:

    I seem to have a problem with my driver. i tend to pull the ball across my
    body alot. but if i focus on keeping my swing on plane, I just put a slice
    on it.

  • alfonso santoso:

    good video

  • Mark Crossfield:

    @mitchy5580 Jan 1 I will post as Titleist are trying to control what date
    and content is placed on the internet. Which is a very thin line to walk.

  • Maxwell Hanson:

    where do you hit it to? a net?

  • Mitch Drennan:

    Is that the new Titleist 910 your using???? Whens the review coming?

  • scottmorris97:

    hi can u do a reviwe for ping g5 driver coz i might be getting one


    Hey, Your videos have helped me a ton. Im having a big problem though. I
    used to hit my driver straight but now for the past month or so I have been
    pull hooking, hitting some really ugly shots. My irons are good but I cant
    get off the damn tee box! I feel like im losing the club head in my
    backswing. Please help!

  • A5iaNatorTV:

    Hey Mark! Love the videos I was thinking if you could do a comparison
    between the new TAYLORMADE R11 HYRBRID and the ADAMS GOLF A7 HYRBRID. I
    need a new hybrid and would really appreciate some pro tips. I subscribed
    to you because I really like the reviews you do, I hope you can help me
    out! Thanks in advance! The-Asian-Eh-Tor :p