1994 Moe Norman golf swing Interview – Golf instruction video – (part 1 of 2)

1994 Moe Norman golf swing Interview - Golf instruction video - (part 1 of 2)

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44 Responses to “1994 Moe Norman golf swing Interview – Golf instruction video – (part 1 of 2)”

  • Colin Day:

    As the previous comment if the swing was so good why didn’t he win
    Majors,tour events etc ?

  • Matthew Scheffelman:

    Wonderful individual and great swing.. Anyone know why he missed the cut
    twice at the Masters? I would love to hear that story.

  • Brandon P:

    This guy is awesome. I’m just getting back into golf and love Moe’s
    approach to striking the ball! Thanks for the video’s I might have to try
    this way, I can’t get consistent good hits the traditional way. 

  • Rohan The Boat:

    What irons was Moe using in this video? Never seen anything like them.

  • TheArfdog:

    I guess it goes to show ball striking is important, but not the most
    important. Ben Hogan was also a great striker but won so much more. Why
    wasn’t Moe more successful? 

  • Pure and Simple Golf Swing:

    There is more golf swing wisdom in this little video than the sum of all
    golf swing books put together. “Simple” according to Moe, because he
    whittled his swing down to essentials and eliminated all irrelevant motion.
    Though not stated, he seems to have learned over time that lifting the arms
    above their original starting plane relative to the torso is wasted energy.
    If using common sense to swing the club concisely and simply makes him a
    genius, then he was a genius, because, in essence, that is all he really
    Great post Kirk. I never tire of watching this video. 

  • Garth Downton:

    Not sure who comment from dash is referring to, but I”ll assume it is me.
    Charlies is a highly competive individual use to winning. This swing would
    give him the best chance to do so. This not an opinion, it, it is a fact.

  • Karter Kleen:

    Moe Norman “I feel it to the hole.” KarterKleen “man, I don’t play
    golf….but I kinda could relate to that feeling lol”

  • Stephen Alan:

    To Steve Prichard, Sir list your golfing acheivements, if they exceed Moes,
    then you have the right to declare his claims as BS as you say. Also Moe
    had a serious head injury as a child, so, Moe was different. As the French
    say “Vive la difference”. You appear boring and normal. Run along now and
    take your predjudice with you

  • bman342a:

    I am going to try to the Moe Norman grip. Just took some practices swings
    in my basement, and it felt great. Going to the range in a couple of days.

  • Saint Kimbo:

    Moe, just like Trevino, Furyk and the other delightfully oddball swings,
    that are about past and present, is part of what fascinates us about this
    game, and just demonstrates that there is no ‘one way’ to do it.

    People should just enjoy Moe and his unique method for what they are,
    unique in character and a unique swing.

    All this guff about the ‘single plane’ swing being the easiest or most
    efficient way of swinging is just nonsense, just like the mythical
    ‘conventional’ swing, it takes an extraordinary amount of talent, practice
    and dedication to achieve the level that Moe has reached.

    Go to the range, take some basic fundamentals and hit thousands of balls
    and you’ll come up with YOUR OWN swing, one that will be aligned to your
    own unique body and pyschological characteristics, just like Moe and all
    the rest did.

    Because your personal characteristics will always emerge, so no matter how
    much you copy a swing it will never be ‘yours’, and will fail you,
    especially under pressure.


  • stevebee92653:

    Well, I tried Moe’s technique at the driving range. I fully expected it to
    feel and do gawd awful. It was actually terrific. The palm hold was great.
    It felt like I had such great control of the club. It didn’t flip, I hit
    straighter than ever. On the range, I realize. But I could do Moe’s swing
    immediately. Learning curve of near zero. Second day on the range was even
    better. Next: the real thing. The golf course. But his technique is far
    easier than I could imagine. 

  • Garth Downton:

    Let me have Charles Barclay for 2 months and then maybe people will
    understand y Moe’s swing makes so much sense!

  • steve prichard:

    Too much bs for me! “Hadn’t missed a fairway in 7 years?” “Never made a
    bogey?” BS! Moe is a lying narcissist. Reminds me of Obama.

  • Gordan Ostojic:

    He was so good thanks for video can bolive 7 years play never hit out of

  • jp5150vh:

    Well said @saint !

  • Ted Edwards DC:

    Kirk, thanks for posting the full version of Shankland’s brilliant Moe
    Norman documentary in only 2 parts. Best quality I’ve seen too. Love
    listening to what Moe says he does and seeing that he’s just like the rest
    of us — in that when we watch our swing on video we realize we’re not
    doing what we would say we are doing.

    I’m awed by the fact that Moe Norman never takes a practice swing. Never. I
    see him as an autistic golf swing savant.

    My reasoning is this. In this session, if you go frame by frame, from swing
    to swing, the are biomechanically exactly the same. Over and over again he
    performs an identical swing sequence with the precision of a gold medal
    Olympic marksman. 

  • Sean Sack:

    This is absolute Gold Kirk. Thank you sharing this special chapter in golf
    history, the history of the pure ballstrikers: Hogan, Knudson and greatest
    of them all, Moe Norman.

  • Mike W:

    Truly a legend

  • Dot Matrix:


  • eddie brown:

    It’s true he could hit it straight and pure, but how can this swing hit it
    more than 200 yards. There’s got to be a reason golf is not taught this way
    by PGA pros. It must be because you can’t par holes 350 or more.

  • Sgt Pepper:

    Talks a good game I’ll give him that 

  • Danielle Gerome:

    this guy is an idiot. 

  • Stacy Heydon:

    Moe had some brian injuries from a toboggan accident as a child… Take the
    message, don’t judge the messenger. You would not have believed his
    striking ability.

  • DaTimShow:

    Good stuff, Mo didnt want to be in a room full of A$$ holes.

  • Lachlan McWilliams:

    Hi mark can u make a video on should u use iron head covers or not …
    Thanks loky

  • Alex Harrison:


  • Matthew Collins:

    His shoulders spin out

  • TeamSTtv:

    We need more golf matches with Gorilla and Rory. They are by far my
    favourite videos to watch that you do!

  • Mark Crossfield:
  • Eric D:

    When I first saw this tip from Mark in an earlier video it was the all time
    best swing thought for me. I’ve found it hard to fully groove, but he’s
    right about it completely transforming the swing and ball flight. 

  • Digby Howis:

    This is my swing issue. Good tip (heard it numerous times from Parfield

    Gonna try it next time I’m out

  • Colin Thiessen:

    Still laughing at that ‘gul walking back and forth.

  • Enrique Cruz:

    Guys a way to fix this swing, is to pretend that you hitting a baseball

  • James McAteer:


  • Stryder Inpyn:

    Great Video again Mark. Thanks so much!

  • PJ Macca:

    I think that this will help me a lot Mark. Cheers.

  • Steven Murata:

    This works for me. Been searching for this tip from prior videos.

  • will gdouble:

    Hi mark do you think you could do a comparison between i25 and karsten
    irons? Thankyou 

  • Tripp Moore:

    should we try to move our hands down and try to keep a steepest angle
    possible with our wrists and club shaft basically?

  • SubliminalEnt1:

    Love how many times Mark sets up to the ball to hit then steps off haha

  • Jim Smith:

    What I do is, if I’m swinging from 4 o’clock to 10 o’clock with 9 o’clock
    being the target I try to keep my right thumb facing 4 o’clock and my right
    palm facing 1 o’clock (perpendicular). Perfect swing every time.

  • Steve Thomson:

    Hi Mark,

    Good Video, but realise that he is also flipping the club head through at
    impact. See the position of the club handle and his arms immediately after

  • mackdl17:

    Thanks for the video mark. Dropping the club head behind me has really
    helped my path. Along with another video you posted about pushing your
    back pocket behind you (hip turn) has really improved my contact on a
    consistent basis. Thanks for the videos. Keep them coming!