[1080p HD] Rory Mcilroy vs Adam Scott Driver Golf Swing

Their swing sequences and rhythms are unbelievably same Rory Mcilroy – Kolon Hana Bank Korea Open Oct 2013, Woo Jeong Hills CC, Korea Adam scott – Eurpoean T…

Volkswagen Golf R vs SEAT Leon Cupra on track

The powerful new Volkwagen Golf R takes on the SEAT Leon Cupra 280 on track. Golf R review: http://bit.ly/1gFTsRz Leon Cupra review: http://bit.ly/1klzSsV Su…
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27 Responses to “[1080p HD] Rory Mcilroy vs Adam Scott Driver Golf Swing”

  • radrichy:

    Two completely different swings, Rory has a good mix of body and arm
    power/wrist snapping thats how he gets the lower ball flight but far
    distance. Adam has more arm and snapping motion/power thats why he gets
    those good moon shots. Overall i prefer and use Rory’s swing, but Adam has
    a good swing its all preferential.

  • LoaforDie:

    I don’t like Scott’s finish. 

  • Rob Tol:


  • thom si:

    shut up ppl. this is a matter of taste and budget. 2015-2016 is a nice
    perdio for this new hot hatch. a lot of choice for a lot of fun.

  • matthew deng:

    audi s3 also in VW Group even it shares the same platform with Golf R but
    it shows more value 

  • Pan Damasque:

    The Golf R either has a 5-cyl engine or a fake exhaust noise played through
    the speakers.

  • hondacar:

    The Golfs compared to other hot hatches still look like little vans.The
    front is just awful.Golf fans only response when they are beaten in
    performance based tests,is the old and overused comment “Yeah, but the
    interior in the Golf is so much better”

  • hxrly:

    It’s funny how the Golf R review on Auto Express’ website nearly
    contradicts this review. “No front-wheel-drive car can match it, no matter
    whether it’s fitted with a limited-slip diff”

  • ftpaddict:

    “Do you really need to get the Golf R?”
    *MX-5 in back of shot*
    Because the answer is always Miata.

  • madant1977:

    My ‘old’ Leon is a blast to drive at any speed, so this new one must be
    bonkers :)

  • Prostreetcrazy:

    I rather get a A45AMG than a golf R

  • Cornerer:

    8:00 concludes Golf R’s performance.

  • Mikhail Kozlov:

    I’m not claiming to be expert driver, but somehow it is hard to believe
    that same car with less grip and grunt is better/faster. Could be track
    configuration, could be lack of enthusiasm. 

  • bob g:

    lugged the R coming onto the front straight for the flying lap, right at
    3:00 he grabs a higher gear for no reason…

  • Sérgio G.:

    Easy win… 

  • Del Johnson:

    The Golf might be £4k more. But I bet it will be worth £2k more than the
    Seat in 36 months time.Seat does look so much better though.

  • Bachar Halabi:

    its so funny that this car sounds nothing from the outside and from the
    insides with that actuator hehe sounds like a v6

  • Joe Hamizi:

    VAG rules the world

  • ItSheHe HeSheIt:

    The Seat looks pretty good, how much is it? I can’t get it in my

  • Ironslice:

    I call bullshit. Slower than the GTI?? Give me a break, this guy can’t

  • Gary charlton:

    Well that’s it. Golf r order cancelled. The power of the press. Not.
    He’s cheating readers by short shifting and generally not pushing the vw as
    hard as he does the seat.
    Disingenuous is the term.
    Were it Needell and Plato head to head, it’d be far more credible.


  • CoopersSpecC:

    The Golf R does best the time of the Golf Performance Pack in the other

  • Philip Robson:

    If I had £36k to spend it wud not be going on a golf r, surely a good
    second hand Nissan GTR wud be a much wiser way to go. Depends how serious
    you are about performance I guess

  • cijev2020:

    MEGANE R.S. 265

  • Samzilla:

    Will there be a video of the gti performance pack vs the golf r? 

  • Thomas Semeniuk:

    Surly the best hot hatch in the vw range is/will be the RS3? Personally I
    think the S3 is already better than the Golf R, if nothing else the
    interior is just so much better, only an opinion though.

  • stavros969:

    If the Golf R had been three door the weight difference would have been a
    better match, what i sum up from this is just buy Honda Civic Type R next