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Q&A: Would you want golf equipment in the winter?

Question by Linda: Would you want golf equipment in the winter?
My boyfriend is about to graduate from college and I was going to give him a Callaway golf bag. He’s been wanting one, so I thought it’s be a great grad present and a thoughtful suprise. Then in casual conversation, he tells me that he wont be playing golf for a few months when winter is over. I didn’t think about that. Would you still want a present that you couldn’t even enjoy for at least 3 months?? Are there indoor golf areas that I could get him gift passes for or something like that? Give me your opinions, please!
He just doesn’t want to get out in the cold. I checked, we have no indoor driving ranges. We’re in Northern Mississippi so most people suck it up and go outside, it’s not that cold. He’s a baby sometimes!

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Answer by hogan7ho
I want would want a golf bag anytime of the year. I would say buy it.

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