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Where can is sell used golf equipment in Minneapolis?

Question by Pink08: Where can is sell used golf equipment in Minneapolis?
Play It Again Sports only takes them in trade for new ones. I have no intention of golfing and was given these clubs. What can I do with them? I’d prefer to make some money from them as they are in good shape. Help.
I meant to say “Where can I sell used golf equipment.”
peachesostic – The problem is I know nothing about golf and don’t know what the clubs and bag are worth. That’s the main problem.

Best answer:

Answer by peachesostic
Place an ad in your local newspaper’s classified section.
Place an ad on Craig’s List, online.
Look up pawn shops in Minneapolis.

(A tip of advice, though: put the price on it a little higher than the most amount you’re willing to part with your golf equipment, for others usually offer you a lower price, so as to think they really got a deal).

Good luck!! Personally, I can understand why you’d have no intention of golfing; because, myself, I think it’s a GOOFY sport! lol! (Although my s.o. loves it…..Why????! lol)

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buying used golf cart?

Question by Shy-Diddy: buying used golf cart?
what are some thing i should consider about buying a used electric golf cart

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Answer by Bill Degner
I live in a golf cart community where many people buy used electric golf carts rather than spend the high dollars for a new one. A used golf cart is usually a much better value, but you are buying the golf cart “as is.” Which means it is important to know what to look for in a used electric golf cart. We bought our used electric Club Car 15 years ago and we need to upgrade to a 4 seater. When we do we will for sure buy a used one again. Here are some of the things to look for:

1. Find the serial number – the number tells you the age of the golf cart

2. Inspect the golf cart body for rust, scratches, damage, or roof leaks

3. Inspect the battery cables and batteries for corrosion, leaks, wear and tear. Lift the seat and look for the month (A being January through L being December) and year the batteries were made. Find out how old the batteries are and how much the cart has been used since the batteries were purchased.

4. Check the tires for wear

5. Take the golf cart for a test drive including a hill, or with a load of people to see how well it can handle it. Test the brakes, acceleration, turning, stability, play in the steering wheel and the battery charge.

6. Ask if it includes a batter charger. Find out whether it is an automatic battery charger that shuts off automatically when the batteries are fully charged (which is the better option) or with a manual timer.

7. Consider only used golf carts from well-known companies like Yamaha, EZ Go and Club. If you buy a cart made by a company you have never heard of, you will have a hard time finding replacement parts.

For more info on buying a used electric golf cart visit:

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who recycle used golf balls?

Question by Samaritan C: who recycle used golf balls?
is there a company that buys used golf balls to recycle and make new golf balls? Help please?

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Answer by Question kid
Raven Golf Ball Company has been retrieving and recycling golf balls across the country for more than 20 years. Our experience and quality standards have become a value to golfers, golf courses and golf professionals alike. By providing our customer with convenience, a top quality product and the strictest standards in recycling and retrieving, we have earned their loyalty. Now is the time to earn yours.

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Used Golf Equipment

Used Golf Equipment

Let’s say for instance that you have decided to buy yourself a new set of golf clubs. The first round you play feels great and you shoot the round of your life. The second round, you’re back to your normal average score.

As good as new technology can be, you wonder why you spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars so that you could enjoy the latest thing out there on the market. Well, this question could have been solved much earlier if you knew that used golf equipment could have been purchased for a much more reasonable price.

A key factor is that new equipment is much different than broken in equipment. Instead of spending hours at the driving range to get your driver popping the way you want it to, why not simply go with one that is already in the spot you need it?

Baseball bats are the same way; they need to have hit hundreds of balls before the fibers on the hitting surface can expand and give it the pop you want. This is a hard time to be spending money on a leisure activity, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you look for the right outlet online.

What you probably don’t know is that a lot of used golf equipment has never been on a course.

As one example, many times a pro shop will have a brand new set out for testing. Since you could not legally turn around and sell the clubs as brand new, the shop is forced to place them for sale as used golf equipment. The websites then buy them from the individual shops like these.

That set would have normally been priced at an unholy price which you couldn’t afford. You won’t need to feel bad about not being able to afford the best thing out there because now you can with used golf equipment!

The myth about used golf equipment is that everything comes in poor condition and rarely will there be anything remotely up to date available.

This is simply not the case. There are dozens of great outlets online that you can trust which provide some of the newest gear on the market.

For a variety of reasons, a lot of the newest, top-of-the-line gear is available to you for a much more affordable cost. Save yourself some money and go check out what is available to you at the click of a mouse.

Hi, I’m Stewart Green and I wrote this article. I hope you now have a better understanding of Used Golf Equipment and how it can help you with your golfing needs. It is my goal to provide quality information for my readers now that I have been playing golf myself for several years.