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Do you think ill make my high school golf team?

Question by swimsurfdive: Do you think ill make my high school golf team?
Ive been playing for two years, and go out on the course sometimes. On a par 4 or 5 course, i get areound 7.
With a driver, I can hit a little more that 100. And my balls fly pretty straight, and not slice.
Is that bad? Ive never tryed out or played competitivley, but i reall ywant to do golf. Any tips or suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by old man on the hill
don’t know how good other golfers are at your school but i would guess no

your school golf team will most likely be made up of individuals who have played for more than two years

with a driver 100 yards isn’t much. many players of all kinds of different skill levels would be hitting a 9 iron 100 yards or more

i encourage you to continue playing as much as you can. as you play more you may find you distance and scoring ability will improve

maybe try the golf team again when you have played more

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