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Right Elbow In The Golf Swing – By Gravity Golf Instructor Andrew Waple People have been taught for ages that their right elbow should stay pinned to their side to try and eliminate coming “over the top,” (which is a large misconception) but…
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Watch Justin Rose winner of the US Open talk to Meandmygolf about his golf swing and how its changed over the last few years, and gives a golf tip to help the amateurs SUBSCRIBE to MeAndMyGolf…

Golf Swing Help: Role of the Right Arm

Do you hit blocks and pushes? If yes, then your probably guilty of allowing the right elbow to get to far behind you at the top of the golf swing. Check out …
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How to select the right golf equipment?

Question by : How to select the right golf equipment?
Im not sure what kind of golf equipment I should by. I hear people talking about shafts and degrees but how do I know what is right for me?

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Answer by Shawn
You should get fit tested. Call around to your local golf clubs and find out where you can get fitted. Most stores will fit you for free, but of course they want you to buy from them. There are several reason to get fitted for clubs. It will help your game, especially if you are a beginner.

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