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Play In The Rain Golf Tips From Scott Cranfield

Great tips on how to play your best golf in wet conditions from top coach Scott Cranfield.

How to Play Golf – How to hit the driver far like Rory Mcilroy

How to Play Golf – Driver Setup Here’s a great drill for getting your driver set up and hitting it far like Rory Mcilroy does. It’s all about sequencing; mov…
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good golf courses to play?

Question by cowboy: good golf courses to play?
what are some good golf courses to play at that are for a good price. If u know of some, list the name and the city its in

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Answer by “D’
Richmond hill golf course- toronto very very good course price is a little high but its worth it. Its one of the cheapest and best in canada.

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Impact to Gain Golf Swing Power and Extra Distance- Play Golf Like The Pros founder PGA Pro Gary Occhino shares how to have the proper “golf swing impact” position fo…

GW Instruction: Play Like a Pro – Lesson 15 – The Swing, Drop into Shot

GW Instruction: Play Like a Pro  - Lesson 15 -  The Swing, Drop into Shot

Learn how to play golf with Golfing World’s golf coach Mitchell Spearman as he runs you through a simple swing tip that is going to help you find that fairwa… MC22’s “Impact Golf” host and PGA professional Chris Winkel shows his 12-year-old son CJ how to improve his golf posture and swing.