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Where can is sell used golf equipment in Minneapolis?

Question by Pink08: Where can is sell used golf equipment in Minneapolis?
Play It Again Sports only takes them in trade for new ones. I have no intention of golfing and was given these clubs. What can I do with them? I’d prefer to make some money from them as they are in good shape. Help.
I meant to say “Where can I sell used golf equipment.”
peachesostic – The problem is I know nothing about golf and don’t know what the clubs and bag are worth. That’s the main problem.

Best answer:

Answer by peachesostic
Place an ad in your local newspaper’s classified section.
Place an ad on Craig’s List, online.
Look up pawn shops in Minneapolis.

(A tip of advice, though: put the price on it a little higher than the most amount you’re willing to part with your golf equipment, for others usually offer you a lower price, so as to think they really got a deal).

Good luck!! Personally, I can understand why you’d have no intention of golfing; because, myself, I think it’s a GOOFY sport! lol! (Although my s.o. loves it…..Why????! lol)

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