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Left Handed Golf Drivers

Left Handed Golf Drivers

When you are searching for get left handed gold drivers, you must consistently contemplate the quality, the value, as well as the performance. The major intention of the drivers will be to awesome the shot. Different firms create distinctive sizes and shapes of the driver as well as the type inside the driver determines the sort of shot that you simply will take.


The Square drivers are the best for square shots since they push the ball with the flat face and the ball moves straight when you want to take a straight shot to the hole. The difference between the left handed and the right handed drivers is the side of the face and the point of connection to the best golf clubs. These are connected facing the left while the others face the right. Most of the left hand drivers have a crown shape. These are meant to take arced shots. For the heavy drivers, they are meant to hit the ball as far as possible. The weight pulls the club down and adds to the speed and when it pulls the club down, it lowers the center of gravity thus giving the ball a perfect shot.


These are some of the reasons most of the left golfers are known for the longest distance shorts. These drivers are not made for forgiveness. Most of them are made for a mid-high shooting angle and the diameter of the driver determines how far the ball will go. A thicker driver could be an indicator of a heavier club and therefore a stronger shot. You could also consider the flex when you are choosing Callaway Diablo Edge Irons.

You should always get a driver that suits your shaft. However, to save yourself from the trouble of having to get a compatible driver, it is always advisable to get the two together. One of the most famous drivers is the spine. It is known for its consistency and perfection of the shots. It is used by most of the 17 inch handicappers and it has set a record of the most wins that have been managed by left hand golfers. It is also known for durability and good flex. Some of the drivers come with a traditional head. These are the best for starters and then you could graduate to the crown superstructure later after you have perfected taking the shots with the traditional Callaway Golf Clubs. The crown superstructure is preferred by the pros since they have perfected the shooting angles. Geometry matters most when you are choosing a driver for the left hand.


The driver may usually be capable of getting a tremendous level swing of as a great offer as 100 meters every second. You can store for that motorists on the net but receiving them at a golfing store near for you may be the best way f purchasing offered that you simply reach check the accuracy. on the net sellers obtain the motorists shipped for the place of hold out so it may be also an assortment of receiving them even although you are not near to some the game of golf shop.

Q&A: What is the best set of golf clubs for a left handed beginner?

Question by benjamin_pittsley: What is the best set of golf clubs for a left handed beginner?
I want to purchase my first set of golf clubs. I have not been golfing too many times but I am pretty athletic and a quick learner. I am not trying to be a pro but would like to have fun. I usually spend a little more than average on my sporting equipment because usually you can get better quality and if nothing else at least it makes you more confident. I want to spend around $ 1000.00 on clubs and I am wondering what else I should buy shoes, bag, glove, etc. I would also like to know the basics when it comes to club selection, offset, shaft length, stiffness, etc. Someone who could summerize for me would be great!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Golfing Girl
I am left-handed but play right because it was easier for me to learn that way and club selection is greater. Golfmith has an excellent selection of right and left handed clubs though. They also have a golf simulator that tests your swing-that will help determine what kind of clubs you need. Stiff versus flex, speed rating etc. Even though I am a lady, I have a very fast swing speed of 125+ mph so I need a very stiff graphite shaft so I chose a men’s set (Nickent). I find that graphite shafts are more forgiving than steel. I have been playing almost everyday for 3 yrs and my game has changed so much that I am glad I waited to invest more money on clubs until I was able to understand what my needs were better.

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