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Really Need some golf excersizes?

Question by louise: Really Need some golf excersizes?
its summer, and so i wanna gain some strengh before my golfing season next year. i was wondering does anyone have anything i could do to:

1. lose weight
2. gain core muscle
3. just gain muscle

anything will do. well for the first part, i need some golf eating habits. yogurt? just friut/ any breakfast plans? the second part. after i lose the weigh i expect to gain some back consdering your weight can increase with increase of muscle.
3rd. i wanna be strong.

my objective is to gain the core muscle to help me hit the ball farther. this is an important point of my golfing career and it is important i et this info fast. thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by green_lantern66
the “plank” is an excellent core exercise. squats and lunges will also help. don’t forget about maintaining flexibility.

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