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Rhys Davies Golf Tips – Putting Drills

GW caught up with Rhys Davies to work on some putting drills. The Welshman focuses on getting your eyes over the ball, striking the ball out of the middle of…
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What are some drills to do on the driving range?

Question by airjman: What are some drills to do on the driving range?
I’ve heard countless times that simply hitting balls on the driving range is not going to help you as much as doing solid drills. What are some good drills to do while on the range?

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Answer by johnnnyappleseed
Swing without range balls…work on timing, tempo and follow through.

Range balls is what it is…range balls…

Practice visualization…Concentrate on developing the quality of your swing, rather than the results of a range ball in flight.

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Golf Tips, Lessons, Instruction & Drills – Hitting A Driver

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