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How to deal with a rude Driving Range instructor?

Question by Rob: How to deal with a rude Driving Range instructor?
I was driving with my friend one day. My friend told me to try his 3 wood. After a swing I told him that the 3 wood’s shaft shook more than usual on my hand. Suddenly out of nowhere this young driving range pro (in his 20s) commented on my swing “you didn’t hit it solid …”. I was offended by this driving range pro because I DID NOT HIRE HIM OR ASK AN OPINION. Even my friend said to this arrogant pro “No he he hit it solid!”. but they the arrogant pro kept talking and talking…. I just kept replying “oh really!”……. What can I do in this situation?
I asked a female friend of mine who keep getting unwanted tips from driving range pros she did not hire at the time. She said “it’s so annoying that I kept getting these unwanted tip from some driving range pros”.

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Answer by dmartin2214
From my perspective, the pro was only doing his job. He is a professional and just offered his comments. If you don’t want anyone to comment, you might get a bucket of balls and go hit them at the city dump. Golf is a game of advice and suggestions—in my opinion, the pro did no wrong.

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