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Golf Courses in Raleigh / RTP?

Question by Pete: Golf Courses in Raleigh / RTP?
I just relocated to Cary, NC. I’m looking for some suggestions on Golf Courses. I’ve played Jordan Lakes and Duke Course but I don’t know what others I should try. I’ve heard Crooked Creek and Devils Ridge are good but I’m not sure. Any suggestions??

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just play them all and find out. i personally dont live there or have never been there but good luck

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good golf courses to play?

Question by cowboy: good golf courses to play?
what are some good golf courses to play at that are for a good price. If u know of some, list the name and the city its in

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Answer by “D’
Richmond hill golf course- toronto very very good course price is a little high but its worth it. Its one of the cheapest and best in canada.

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Golf Courses: Fairways of the World

Golf Courses: Fairways of the World

Golf Courses: Fairways of the World

Photographer David Cannon began his career in sports photography twenty-five years ago and is considered the premier golf photographer in the world. Having played at more than seven hundred golf courses in over fifty countries, Cannon photographs with a true golfer’s eye, offering an extraordinary window into some of the world’s most celebrated courses—with more than 40 in North America, dozens in Asia and the South Pacific, and several in both Africa and the Middle East. Savor a view from the

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Harvey Penick’S Little Red Bk – Golf Book

Harvey Penick'S Little Red Bk - Golf Book

By HARVEY PENICK. Every time he found something about the swing, stance or the mental approach that proved to be consistently successful, Harvey Penick made notes in his notebook. He gathered notes for 60 years and let no one read them, except his son Tinsley, until the publishing of this book.

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