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Golf Tips – The Correct Golf Grip – Passive Golf Tip – Ron talks about the most important part of golf – the correct golf grip with passive hands.
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How do I correct my golf swing?

Question by SoSueme: How do I correct my golf swing?
My takeaway is giving me problems. My club goes WAY inside on the takeaway, thus causing my downswing to be flat and away from the ball, causing me to make contact around the hosel. Is there any type of equipment that works to correct this problem? Or…maybe a golf tip that you know that could help? Thanks!

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Answer by Bob
Yeah, i used to have the same problem. When you take it back, it feels natural to take it inside, but try to take it staright back, which to you will feel like talking it outside. Also, toe to the sky is a good takeaway tip. MAke sure the toe of the club is facing the sky. Hope it helps!

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