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Q&A: how to choose a good golf bags?

Question by Name L: how to choose a good golf bags?
I want to buy golf bags , how i choose a good golf bags?

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Answer by jennagalvin
Ogio makes great bags…very user friendly and seemingly designed by a golfer for golfers. You can’t ever go wrong with anything they make. Good luck!

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how can i effectivley choose keywords for seo?

Question by freestylefootballer: how can i effectivley choose keywords for seo?
i want to make a disc golf site to sell disc golf discs and accessories as well as provide good disc golf tips. what is the best and most effective way to choose keywords to get maximum traffic from seo?

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Answer by Terry
there are a few methods which I would recommend.

if you go to the googles keyword suggestion tool and type in your main keyword – keep the show synonyms button checked and google will show you similar searched for keywords.

Choose keyword which are searched for alot and check the competiton in the actual seach engine itself so that you know how many sites your up against.

You can check the competition in google by typing in your keyword and see what figure it shows in the top right corner. the lower the number the easier for you to get top rankings

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Choose a Golf Driver

Choose a Golf Driver

I’d like to ask you a question first: how important do you think a golf driver is in the modern times? We all know that golfing essentials are Short game wizardry and putting accuracy, but if your driver is not powerful enough- that is you can’t kick 250 yards, you will lose the game.

First of all, almost all the top golf players have the ability to kick the ball into a distance. With the help of the developing golf driver technology and the general fitness of a modern time golfer, are we still driving for show?

If mention someone brings up the topic about golf technology, we think immediately about the huge headed drivers that cover pro shop floors across the world. it is quite difficult to imagine that only in less than 20 years the majority of professional golfer would tee up a persimmon driver.

Advances in sweet spot technology, launch angle  ,size, forgiveness  ,composition, aerodynamics and ball speed are just some of the categories that the top manufactures now spend millions of pounds researching and developing.

The result to us is the vast array of drivers on the market. we are often confused when we are confronted with so many kinds of golf drivers, and finding the right one can open the door to an extra 20 yards or perhaps being able to get up to that testing par 5 in two!

Today I will introduce r9 supermax to you. I have used it for quite a long time and it just feels great!



Graphite driver
2. Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) is CNC-milled directly into the inner side of the clubface, resulting in a drastic variation in face thickness to create an expanded COR zone
3. Flight Control Technology (FCT) utilizes a metal sleeve positioned over the tip of the shaft, which can be rotated into different positions to adjust the loft, lie, and face angle4. FCT and MWT® (two weight ports) for 448 launch position combinations
5. Lower MOI and forward CG for increased workability
6. Movable Weight Technology® (MWT®) utilizes differently weighted cartridges, which can be redistributed to adjust clubhead rotation
7. 460cc head with ultra-deep clubface (2.55″)

8. Direct descendant of the 300 Tour, R510 TP, and r7® 425 TP

9. Ultra-thin wall technology saves weight to allow incorporation of FCT and MWT®

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