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where to get cheap golf equipments?

Question by : where to get cheap golf equipments?
need cheap golf equipments for our golf activity,where can find good suppliers for wholesale golf equipments,your help will be quite appreciated.
buy cheap golf equipments.

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Answer by FLETCHIE
I really like EBAY if you know what you want. If you are unsure of what you want, try Lumpy’s or Nevada Bob’s. You can also look at Craig’s List.

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Where can I find cheap golf equipment?

Question by acshayden10: Where can I find cheap golf equipment?
Me and my dad are wanting to start playing golf but need some clubs that are affordable

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Answer by jme_lynn34
look up “play it again sports” and see if you have any stores located in your area. they offer high quality- used sports equipment.

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Cheap Golf Bags from Golfbuyitonline

Cheap Golf Bags from Golfbuyitonline

Next to golf clubs, a golf bag is one of the most important pieces of golfing equipment there is. Here at Golfbuyitonline we have every bag that you could ever want we have tour bags, cart bags, stand bags, pencil bags, flight bags and many more from all the top brands in golf. This year many top manufactures have bought out some fantastic golf bags below are some of the most popular bags of 2010 so far and they are cheap too:


Titleist 7″ Dual Strap Carry Bag


This very lightweight pencil golf bag from Titleist at only 1.9 lbs in weight is great for playing a quick nine holes or carrying your clubs to the practice range. Its collapsible, lightweight carry bag will hold a few clubs or a full set. And at the same price as last season is a bargain too.


Ping Hoofer C-1 Stand Bag


This new Hoofer bag is engineered for function and style and is built for performance and reliability. This bag is packed with extras. We think it is the ultimate stand bag that Ping has designed to date. Highly recommended at a 5 star rating from us!


Callaway Diablo Edge Org 14 Cart Bag


The new Diablo Edge Org 14 Cart Bag fits any trolley and designed for the golfer who is organised. If you’re looking for a serious Cart Bag and love Callaway then this is the bag for you. This Diablo Edge Bag compliments the full range of Callway Diablo Golf products and at this price you’re picking up a bargain.


Powakaddy Deluxe III PVC Cart Bag


Featuring the latest premium quality materials and sporting fabulous new colours the new PowaKaddy Deluxe III bag is sure to get heads turning.

It is a supremely designed cart bag with a plentiful supply of pockets which means you will never run out of storage space for all your balls, gloves, clothing and accessories.


TaylorMade Micro-Lite Stand Bag


You walk, you demand lightweight, you demand functionality, you demand balance and comfort, you demand the MICRO-LITE Stand Bag. With all the features and benefits of a larger size bag, the MICRO-LITE excels by using new streamline design to bring the weight of the bag down to just 3.9 pounds.


Check out the latest range of golf bags for the new 2010 season now in at Golfbuyitonline. The UK’s Premier online golf shop.



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Where can i buy some cheap golf clubs for my sundays golfing?

Question by Antony: Where can i buy some cheap golf clubs for my sundays golfing?
Due to i am usually busy with my work , i only play golf on sundays.Now i want to buy some cheap golf clubs on Internet,but i don’t know where i can to buy golf clubs with cheap price!who can recommend some online golf equipment shop?Thanks!

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Answer by Steve
I’m also a Sunday golfer who occasionally goes to the local course to have fun with my friends. I bought an X-22 set last year from cheapgolfforsale when it was discounted. This iron set was cheap there, and I still play with it on Sundays without any problem, a very good bargain! So I recommend this site to you.

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