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how much do golf course arborists make ?

Question by Ak: how much do golf course arborists make ?
What are jobs are available at a golf course?

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Answer by matthew
Very few golf courses would have a arborist. Some really high end course might have a horticulturist who’s job it would be to take care of all the trees and other plants on the course. I would say their salary would range from 30-80k a year. But even a horticulturist is a very uncommon position for most golf courses. A vast majority of golf courses have a Golf Course Superintendent. His or her job is to maintain the entire grounds of the golf course. These professionals have a vast array of education and experience making them capable to maintain all different types of plant. While I will admit on most golf courses if the grass is really nice then the members are willing to look past a few trees or shrubs that don’t look great.
If you are interested in working on the maintenance side of a golf course there are a lot of jobs that are available. Just google golf course superintendent, I am sure you will find out more than you want to know.

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